Mobile Roll Packer GT-M

The Gigant GT-M 1750 is the mobile and power-independent version of the proven stationary Husmann roller compactor.

It has a powerful diesel generator that drives both the compression unit and the mobile roller compactor itself.

By means of a joystick and steering wheel, the GT-M 1750 is easy to operate and drive, eg. B. from a full to an empty container or alternately between containers with different filling materials. Depending on need and material can be the Compact material in different containers, independent of specified power connections. Thus, the GT-M 1750 is ideal for use at all waste collection points, where larger amounts of different waste fractions are incurred.

The filling level in the container increases by a multiple. Accordingly, the number of required container transports decreases. This reduces time, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, fleet wear and ultimately costs.

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Quality features of the mobile roller compactor GT-M

»  Thanks to its efficient diesel engine, the GT-M can drive and compact completely independently of a power supply
»  High degree of compaction through proven special rollers equipped with hardened metal tines
» Crushes a variety of different materials, i.a. Pallets, bulky waste, wooden boxes, furniture and cans
» Drastic cost reduction through maximization of the container filling level and the associated reduction of transports
» Provides the operator with protection against wind and weather and flying material through the enclosed cab with a splinter-free windscreen and safety grille

» Good visibility into the container interior and on the front wheels
» Ergonomic, adjustable driver’s seat
» Standard wiper on the windscreen for better visibility
» All necessary controls are clearly arranged in the driver’s cab
» Three different container lengths of up to 7m can be selected in the control panel
» Easy to maintain
» Steel construction, joints and bearings are extremely stable and thus ensure a long service life of the machine
» Hydrostatic wheel drive

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Additional Equipment

  • Additional electric drive: 5.5 kW; 400V; 50 Hz; 32 A – CEE connection for rolling operation

  • Central lubrication system for the joints of the roller compressor arms

  • Auxiliary heating for the cabin (diesel-based)

  • air conditioning


More equipment on request.