Compaction containers (PM-E)

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HUSMANN E-series pressure vessels are characterized by their innovative sidewall and roof construction made of rolled steel sheets. In combination with additional reinforcement profiles at the ends of the container, laterally and in the bottom, continuously welded, a maximum of stability is achieved.

This ensures a long service life, even under extreme loads. Thanks to their smooth inner walls, the containers can be filled well and easily emptied. The pick-up system can be adapted to all common rolling and set-off vehicles. Special dimensions and a comprehensive range of accessories complete the offer.

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quality features of the HUSMANN Compaction containers:

  • The construction method
    »  Continuously welded sheets
    »  Circumferential profiles
    »  Conicity in the container height, starting from the front side rising
    »  Round rolled sidewalls
    »  Stable end frames on the front and discharge side
    » Easy and clean emptying
    » Special sizes and designs on request

  • The equipment
    » top hinged discharged door or side discharged door
    » Wire, hook or chain lifting system
    » galvanized ratchet closure
    » Optional rope or flap discharge aid
    » Optional hydraulic ejection plate

Available for all presses on the market

List of types: Static Compaction containers PM-E

Compaction container for trucks with skip type – Type PM-E

  • Compaction container especially for trucks with skip type

  • Adaptable to the local conditions

Compaction containers for trucks with hook type – Type PM-E

  • Universal insertable container for trucks with hook type lifting system

  • Optionally available with a door slider for optimal sealing when decoupling the container from the compactor

Compaction container for trucks with hook type and transport by train (ACTS) – Type ACTS-PM-E

  • The compaction container can be used on static compactors with a maximum press force of up to 50 tons.

  • FFor the loading of bulk material, a filling opening is optionally available at the top of the container. The split lid is actuated by means of hydraulic cylinders.

  • The cylinders can be supplied with a built-in hand pump, vehicle hydraulics or a stationary unit.

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Additional Equipment

We tailor our presses and products in the field of disposal technology exactly to your individual requirements. Whether the compactor is inside a building with special dimensions, in front of a loading dock or in very cramped locations, we propose you the best possible solution.

In addition, we offer a range of more than 500 accessories for a wide range of equipment, including custom-fit wall connected chutes, telematics monitoring, remote control, pre-full-control and much more.

Here more examples:

Wandanschlusstrichter für Einfüllung bei Hand, Förderband oder Hup-Kippvorrichtungenwall connected chute for feeding by hand, by conveyor belt or tipping device
Vollautomatische Behälter AnkopplungenFully automatic container couplings

Vorpressschildpre crush plate
Angebaute, stationäre oder mobile Hub-Kippvorrichtungintegrated, static or mobile tipping device