Transfer Stations

Due to the increasing closure of small landfills, large amounts of waste have become more and more commonlong distances to incineration, composting and recycling plants are transported.

Direct transport with collection vehicles is usually associated with unreasonable costs because of the low payload and high personnel costs. Here, the use of Müllumladestationen may be appropriate.

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quality features of the HUSMANN Transfer stations

  • individual planning, construction and production by our experts

  • many years of experience in special plant construction

  • Components completely made by Husmann

  • fully automatic hydraulic coupling incl. reversing

  • fully automatic hydraulic door closing device for absolut clean closing

  • large immersion depth of the plunger into the container (up to 2500mm)

  • flange sealed

  • Double pump unit

  • differential circuit

  • Double filtration (optional)

  • Fine filtration of hydraulic oil with 10μ absolute filter, as return filter

  • Circulating filtration via a separate unit also in standby mode, thus excellent cleanliness of the hydraulic oil

  • Components from well-known manufacturers

  • own program creation

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Stuffing compactors

  • Compression takes place directly in the container

  • different sizes from 3cbm up to 15cbm per stroke

Pre-chamber Compactor

  • Waste is first compressed into individual packages and then pushed into the transport container

  • different sizes from 3cbm up to 15cbm per stroke

  • More sizes on request!

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    Extensive range of accessories

    • huge hoppers with bunker tilting

    • top ram

    • pre-crush plate

    • Weight determination by digital weight

    • shifting trolleys

    • special compaction containers in various editions

    More equipment on request!