• Husmann Verschiebeanlage
  • Husmann Verschiebeanlage (Längs-Quer)
  • Husmann Verschiebeanlage (Wagen verzinkt für Muldentransport)
  • Verschiebeanlage (Transportwagen Deichsel Drehkranz)

Shifting Trolleys

Husmann has a variety of mature and proven Verfahrkomponenten and is thus able by the Combination to realize even the most complicated shifting and changing operations.

All container types, troughs, large-capacity containers and compaction containers can be brought exactly to the desired position on Husmann shifters. All conceivable variants of Husmann shifters are in use worldwide and prove their worth every day.

Thanks to the implementation of many years of extensive practical experience and the use of new ideas, Husmann shifters always achieve maximum functionality, reliability and robustness!

Let us advise you! We are happy to offer a solution for your individual requirements!


quality features of Husmann shifting trolleys

Husmann offers a wide range of variants to cover the widest possible range of use. These include, for example:

  • traversing shifting system for one, two or more containers

  • longitudinal shifting

  • traversing and longtidudinal shifting system (X-Y-shifting)

  • transport trolley with drawbar and turntable for hook or skip type containers

  • scissor-type elevating platform with shifting system

  • shifting system with curve suspension

  • suspension directly attached at a compactor

  • live roller conveyor with or without drive

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Extensive range of accessories

In addition to special solutions, we also offer you a number of optional accessories as standard.

  • Cable drum with automatic electric cable rewind

  • longitudinal shifting system

  • drawbar, manual or hydraulic operated

  • rails to be dowelled, or be mounted in concrete channels in the ground

  • safety contact bar

  • position indicator on the shifting trolley

  • Weight determination by digital weight

  • fully automatic operation by SPS

More Equipment on request.