Roller Packer for Trucks – GT-TM

The proven HUSMANN Gigant roller compactor is now also available as a mobile system type GT-TM 1750. It is transported to the job site with a standard hook lift vehicle and works directly from the truck chassis.

The machine is not stationary and thus ready for changing locations. The unit is powered by truck hydraulics, optionally also via the public power grid or independently by its own diesel generator.

The GT-TM 1750 is ideal for compacting large volumes of bulky waste in commercial roll-off containers. Materials such as pallets, wooden boxes, old furniture, bulky waste, cans and other light metal parts are caught, broken and compacted by the rolling and rolling roller. In this way, the containers are filled many times better than is the case without the use of the roller compactor Gigant. Shipments are significantly better utilized, the transport frequency is reduced. Thus, a considerable cost reduction is achieved.

The Gigant GT-TM 1750 convinces with its particularly robust and maintenance-friendly construction and is also characterized by its ease and ease of use.

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Quality features of the Roller Compactor GT-TM

»  Transportable with common hook lift vehicles
»  Compacting directly from the vehicle chassis
» Considerable reduction of disposal costs due to high compression
» Protected stand for the operator through safety cabin
» Volume reduction, for example up to 80% in pallet wood
» Can be used in a commercial roll-off container up to a total outside length of 7 m

»  There are no structural measures required for the use of the machine
»  Special protection of the hydraulic hoses by internal installation
»  Pre-shredding and compacting large, bulky materials
»  Maintenance and ease of use
» Due to the particularly stable design of the joints, a long service life is achieved

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Additional Equipment

  • Drive via a diesel generator or electric

  • remote Control

  • completely closed cabin

  • Lubrication systems via lubrication cartridges

  • fully automatic centralized lubrication system with fluid grease

  • Special equipment of the roller, for example especially for cans


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